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Friday, February 26, 2010

Impression - Flower Bouquet

Ok, so I have gone a bit more abstract on this painting.  I really had fun painting it though! I applied the paint very thickly throughout the entire canvas panel! I would like to hear your thoughts & opinions on this one. Sorry to make this so short to day, but I'm going on about 3 hours worth of sleep if that! I've been up since midnight painting & you probably already noticed the NEW Pay Pal option that's been put into place here... well for the most part anyway LOL. I still have about half of my archives to set up still. Well time to go make another pot of coffee :)
Let me know what you think of this one. Oh, and yes, that is the white of the canvas you see in spots!      Thanks for stopping by today!

Best wishes!


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  1. very nice!! it's a good thing to go a little abstract every once in a while, especially when all we paint and draw is relistic things!! i know my teacher is really pushing me to go abstract! great job though!!!

  2. it is really good to have discovered your blog ,Dana .
    You have many wonderful works here .

  3. Thanks to all of you for stopping by & visiting my blog & for your thoughts & inputs on my painting! Hope you will come back again!


  4. Hi Dana - thanks for visiting and following my blog!

    I like the looseness in this piece. I'm trying to introduce a bit more abstract into my work as well - it's not as easy as it looks!