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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Meat Grinder

If you're like me and have a love for antiques, these may be for you! I've  always thought that antiques were really cool, just wish I had more room, I'd have a house full of them :) Any way I thought that I would paint this old meat grinder that I've had for several years. I'm posting a photo of it below along with a rough sketch I just finished doing of it. I normally don't show many of my sketches but I thought it would give you something to look at while I start on the painting, which should hopefully be done in a few hours from now, So you will have to check back to see the finished painting, but in the meantime here is my drawing to give you some idea as to what's to come. And if by chance you happen to like my sketch I'm willing to part with it for only $17 and that includes shipping in the U.S. And if you'd like to see some of my other sketches, E-mail me and I'll be happy to E-mail some back to you. Thanks for stopping by & Please check back later to take a look at my finished painting!

Have a Great Morning!!


Photo of what's to come

Rough Sketch - The Meat Grinder -    8"x6"    

Progress Report #1

Since I'm taking a break waiting for my paper to dry, I thought I'd keep you updated & kind of turn this into a demo day at the same time just to see what happens, could get very interesting :) Any way I got my painting drawn out on 140 Lb. Arches cold pressed water color paper, and stared going in with a lite wash in the foreground & a background definition using Naples Yellow Hue. Then I started laying in some of the mid. ground, using both Burnt & Raw Umber. & Thalo Red for the coffee cup. OK ! paper's dry, breaks over, back to my painting. And we're getting more snow here again today :) Hope the weather's nice in your neck of the woods!

Progress Report #2
Break time again! I hope that you are enjoying this step by step kinda thing I decided to do today? I  WON"T  be doing these everyday, too time consuming, but if you do like seeing this here please leave a comment & I promise I will do some other step by step demos in the future. I'd really appreciate your input. Silence I may take as you don't want to see this sort of thing again, so let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for your comments. Ok, let's see I went back over the picture frame using separate washes using Prussian Blue & Burnt Umber, which I'm also using to paint the meat grinder with. The foreground & background I've used a very watered down wash of Olive Green. And NO my kitchen walls are NOT painted green, even though they do kind of have that shadow effect, & I like the way it looks in the painting :) I've been going back over my original drawing as the painting progresses with a graphite pencil, that will show through on the final picture. I think it helps to add texture, motion & emotion to the painting. I am going to post one more photo before the finished painting. Any way back to painting, but please do let me know what you think of this whole step by step thing so far. Thanks again.


Progress Report #3

Here I have been working on finishing the meat grinder, and going back over a few areas with additional glazes. I try to incorporate the SAME  colors throughout the ENTIRE painting! Helping to maintain a harmonious balance. Really all that I have left to do is finish the grinder, then I will go back over the entire painting with a series of final glazes & add some final highlights & shadows, so here we go,wish me luck :)
Hope that you will join me back here in about an hour to see the finished painting. Cheers.


Oh, while I'm here I might as well fill you in on what I've been using to complete this painting. My entire palette for creating this painting consists of  a total of 8 different colors  by Grumbacher. Naples Yellow Hue, Prussian Blue, Maganese Blue, Raw & Burnt Umber & Sienna, Olive Green, & that's it. See you in an hour.

Finished Painting !!!

      9"x6 1/4"  2010  
Water Color & Graphite On Arches 140 Lb cold pressed Water Color Paper

And that is kind of how I {SEE}, a painting through, from start to finish, Thanks so much for following along with me on this wild and crazy adventure that  I somehow managed  to concoct today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Again if you'd be so kind as to leave a comment & tell me your thoughts on todays adventure, so as to better give  me an idea as to whether or not I should do any more like this, I'd really appreciate it. You can either post a comment or send me a private E-mail, or you can even give me a phone call, love to hear from you either way.
Thanks again & have a wonderful afternoon.
Till tomorrow.
Best Wishes



  1. Hi, Dana
    I, too, have a meat grinder; it belonged to my grandfather. I have yet to do a painting of it. Your rendering of it has caused me to remember stories that my mother told me of her childhood and "life in those days".
    Thanks for sharing the process of your painting and for helping me to go back to very pleasant stories in my past.

  2. You're more than welcome & thanks so much for leaving the comment! I'm very glad it was able to bring back some pleasant memories for you!