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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday is Studio Day - Oil Study - Still Life With Peppers

Ok, so I haven't cooked them yet! Probably won't get to at this point. They would have been great eating I'm sure. And today is Studio Saturday, I'm kind of giving you a sneak peek into ONE of my studio paintings I'm working on in the photo here along with today's painting. Which when it dries in a couple of days I will ad a scan of it here on this post. When I mentioned one of my studio works, I probably have 7-8 going at the moment! And when I say studio painting, I'm just referring to larger works than the ones I post here usually ( try to ) every day.
You may have noticed I love to use the term study in my titles sometimes & they ARE studies, but then again isn't every painting in a WAY!  But even though it may not look it this is a finished piece. Kind of a style that I adopt at times in my work, having that unfinished look to it, thanks Cezanne! One of my favorite painters by the way. Oh and another thing on this one I was excuse the pun brushing up on my soft edge painting technique on this painting as well. Any way I need to go clean up I'm a bit of a mess. I'm a very clean neat freak, but tend to get quite messy when I paint, especially with oils anyway, water colors aren't quite as bad :)
Thanks for stopping by today, hope you have a GREAT weekend!
Hope you like to like today's painting & I;ll see you all here Sunday kind of my sketch & study day.

Best wishes!


Oil Study - Still Life With Peppers

8" x 10"  Oil on Canvas Panel  

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  1. Hello Dana!! Thanks for joining my blog...good to see a neighbor here....I lived in Kansas for many years!