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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abstract Expressionism - Water Color & Gouache - Untitled II

 I am almost PETRIFIED to POST THIS PAINTING! Actually there is no almost to it! I'm literally scared to death! I may even loose a few followers over this one :(  Truly Hope Not! YOU ALL mean the WORLD to me! No Guts No Glory Right? This one is totally & completely out of my natural realm! Todays painting differs quite a bit from the one that SOLD yesterday! :) So I thought I would try a similar approach with today's painting. First let me please start off by saying that  I had absolutely NO forethought or idea in mind when I started this painting as to what the finished painting would look like! That's kind of where the luck factor comes into play! This painting literally took on a shape & life all of its own! The background was put in with a VERY light under wash of Cadmium Yellow Medium, so the the paper is not  white, even though it kind of has that appearance! Now for the red shapes that you see are like yesterdays painting in that I used a pouring method, NO BRUSH WORK! They were created all in a SINGLE pouring! Tilting the paper back & forth & around & around as the paint was running across the paper to form the shapes you see! So with a Little Skill & a Whole lot of LUCK lol. This is what came out. Then I went in with black Gouache to give some definition to the original shapes the way that I SAW them, using a BROKEN end of one of my water color brushes, kind of like painting with a stick, kind of fun actually! Thanks a bunch to all of you for commenting on yesterdays post! Your comments are very encouraging as well as inspiring! I truly appreciate all of your comments! :) I hope you like todays as well. I'm sure it will provoke some kind of response.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrows painting will be a lot different, not sure how yet but different hope you'll stop by! So till then.

Best wishes!


Picture shown is a 5" x 6" Water Color with black Gouache 
Done on Arches 140 lb. Cold Pressed Paper
Actual paper size is a 6" x 8"
E-mail me at


  1. well not only you haven't lost a gained one...ME. I really like this piece! The freedom, the movement, the expression just exudes out. Well done...try another!

    P.S. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog yesterday :)

  2. There's something Matisse about this..sort of like Le Danse!! Like it a lot..

  3. Thanks to all of you who have commented thus far!
    I really do appreciate it ! :)

    You are right Lyn it does somewhat remind one of Matisse!

    And Julie I might try doing something similar in the near future Just for you! B caused you asked!

    And yes I will agree it does have a certain sexual undertone to it! Even though I had no idea that was how this painting was going to turn out!

  4. Yep. Matisse all right. Nothing at all wrong with this, Dana. I'd say it is well done.

  5. I popped over Dana to say welcome to my blog, and I found your description very wonderful, and the piece is FUN!!

  6. I would call this one Dali and His Cat because I can see both of them in there. It is great fun creating art without brushes I do it all the time. Love it.

  7. A very charming and nicely balanced art work.

  8. i saw the image on my "blogroll" and loved the freedom and wished that i could let go so easily when painting! i hopped right on over to your blog to learn more.

    it was interesting (and comforting) to read the artist's take on it and i say kudos to you for putting something out there for all to see that challenged your comfort level.

    art is about the experience, right?

  9. when I started reading your post I had to really control myself so I wouldn't immediately jump to the end to see the piece
    I like it a lot - very Matisse - I love the one in your post yesterday somber yet hopeful

    thank you for following my blog - hopefully I'll have something to post about later today

  10. this is the one I prefer , remind me of Picasso.
    Go from it !!