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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Impression Sunset I - Water Color on Arches Cold Pressed Paper

I have been so sick the last several days & I'm still feelling terrible, so this is going to be a very short post. This is my impression of a sunset that I saw and photographed  a few days ago that I that was really beautiful! Any I posting the photo for you to see as well. I'm going back to bed now, but I do hope you like this painting!

Best wishes to all of you!


Impression Sunset - 2010
6" x 8" Water Color on Arches 140 Lb. Cold Pressed Paper


  1. Very interesting and poetry! :-)
    Very beautiful Watercolor, Dana Chabino!!! Wow! I love this picture!

  2. hi dana, thanks for visiting my blog. It allowed me to find your beautiful art work. I love you paintings and can see so much in them.


  3. Este de abajo me gusta especialmente...

    Un beso.

  4. dana i like it alot hope you feel better soon and thankyou for visiting my blog

  5. Hi Dana. Thanks for following me. I really like the lower painting. We see skies like that a lot here being on the South West tip of England

  6. beautiful sunset! i wish i was there to see it!!

  7. I am happy visiting your lovely blog , thanks for the nice journey in your magic world of art and all the best for you ...

  8. I love to water color the plants in my garden. Right now I am doing something that I have never done before, work on a public piece of art, a mural on the side of a vacant gas station! A fellow started it and it is a building near my house, so I asked if I could help. Wow, can you learn things by doing. A painting looks so different when you are close up , and when you look at it from far away. I will take pictures as we go along. Cheers

  9. Hi Dana, beautiful work and hope that you will bounce back and be well soon :)

  10. It is fun to be an artist, isn't it? I love the spirit of fun, freedom and life that your work expresses! I look forward to checking out your blog in greater depth.

    All the Best!

    Christine McCoy
    New Bedford, Massachusetts

  11. Hope you are feeling better and painting / posting again soon!

  12. entre photographie et peinture..une interprétation
    très impressionniste réussi

  13. Very beautiful. You are a great artist. Get well soon.

  14. Thanx a bunch for the follow on my blog. I guess I'm back to the blog-world after a long indeed feels great to meet new artists and be able to spontaniously interact.

    Your creations are impressive :))
    Will be followin' you :)

    much regards

  15. Hi Dana,
    I hope you feel better soon. You're work is so beautiful.
    Just wanted to let you know I changed my URL address. I hope you'll still come visit!
    It's now:

  16. Wow I really like the way this turned out!

  17. Hope you're feeling better and can be back soon with your so beautiful creations!

  18. Thank you all! For all of your Wonderfull comments & e-mails I do read them! I love you all you're so great! I am feeling better, and I have been painting, but my scanner has been on the fritz!But should be posting again very soon!


  19. Thanks for visiting and commenting, much appreciated. The comments display on my blog is a bit hit and miss so some comments take ages to appear! Get well soon and keep up the good work...

  20. That's the true essence of painting - getting an experience or feeling down on paper.

    Great work and I hope that you're snuggled up warm with something hot to drink!



  21. I like this work a lot! Arianna