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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Untitled I

If I titled this painting you'd know what it was! But I will be nice and give you a clue :) It is a real live object we all see every day! And it usually gets overlooked with out a second glance or thought! But as for myself, I happen to have a great fondness for  these particular objects a great deal! Any way please feel free to leave your comments on this painting along with your guesses as to what you think this is a painting of! I will reveal the answer in tomorrows post! So please stop back by to get the answer & of course see my next painting! Thanks again to all of you who have been joining  this blog & for all of your wonderful comments!

Best Wishes!


18" x 14" Oil on Stretched Canvas 2010
Collection the Artist

p.s. For all of you who guess correctly, you will receive an automatic name link in tomorrows post as well!!
All guesses get published here!


  1. Hello, Dana! It is really very interesting!!!
    This is a foot of leg? :-))) I see it in more bright spots - fingerprints and foot!

  2. Hello Dana,i have look your paintings and they are very intresting. I like the quick drawings,they have a lot of energie.regards and than you for visit my Blog.

  3. Microscopic view of human hair?

  4. wood??? like trees??? anyways whatever it is it looks really good!!! great job!