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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Winter Remnant 2010

  Sorry about yesterday, but I've been a bit under the weather :(  In fact I'm still not feeling well today & had to literally force myself to paint! Anyway I hope you are having a wonderful week :) This is a painting that I derived from a photo I took a couple of weeks back, when we still had a little snow left on the ground in places. And I couldn't resist taking this picture of this boy out playing in the remains of the snow :) What I assume to be what was left of a snowman! But what really got me was the size of the snow ball in comparison to the kid playing with it! It was darn near as big as he was! I  also really liked the yellow in his cap & the toy car in the background! Now of course this painting is for sale, But I think it only fair of me to offer this to his parents first! But you get first look at it :) It's raining here today & I'm still sick, but I should be able to hopefully meet with them tomorrow or the day after. And then if they decide they don't want it well... It'll go up for sale here! Ok, it quit raining & the sun came out & I'm feeling better :) So I decided to walk down & visit with the Parents of the son who is the subject of this painting. And to make a long story short, she wanted it, he didn't :(

Best Wishes!


Winter Remnant 2010
8" x 6"
Water Color, Graphite & Black Gouache
on Arches 140 Lb. Cold Pressed Paper

Quick Sketch for " Winter Remnant 2010 "

4" x 6" Graphite on 80Lb. Strathmore Paper


  1. Agradeço o seu carinho por me visitar e se tornar meu seguir de nº 100.
    Estou muito feliz.
    Como agradecer o imenso carinho.
    a não dizendo meu muito obrigada.

  2. I wish I could capture all that feeling in so few strokes amazing.