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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Impression - Rosebush - Is It Art?

I have been working on a series of paintings lately, trying to capture something! Maybe a moment in time, or a certain mood or emotion, something, not entirely certain what that something is, but something! These recent ones have all been done en plein aire.

  My mother sent me an e-mail the other day, and this is a portion of what it said.

Dana, What's with the scribbles' and then adding color?     Do you really think this is Art?

Now here I am asking all of you for your thoughts and opinions on my recent paintings.
So let me ask you is it art?
This is a very light colored painting, but it is slightly darker on the original that the way it appears here.

Best wishes!


Impression - Rosebush

                                                                 Water Color & Graphite 2010    Done on Arches 140 Lb. Cold Pressed  Paper



  1. Dana,
    That question is a loaded one..haha. What is art? i'm reading a book called the daily book of art 365. It has the question "what is art"? a new question to ponder might be.. "do you believe it is possible to define art in a way that satisfies everyone?" When it comes to the matters of taste and technique in the world of art subjectivity is well and good , but it may become troublesome if we become too relativistic with our categories." This is your art dana, be proud of what you create and share with the world. best wishes.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Sounds like a really cool book! I'll have to check into getting me a copy!

  3. Hello Dana, the purpose of ART is to stimulate the fantasy , the dreams , the inner feelings of the observer .
    No matter what kind of feelings !!
    The Artists , painters writers musicians ec.... ,help people to see the roots , where they only can see the branches and leaves of a tree !! (:
    Art is always an interpretations , your interpretation of reality !! (:
    A pale blue, hug