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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Water Color - Impression Bush With Red Flowers

We have been getting quite a bit of rain lately! So my paintings have a tendency to reflect  the atmosphere, or at least I try to capture that area around my motif!

I apologize about not keeping up with my regular posting. But I assure you I still paint/sketch everyday!
I've been just a tad bit frustrated with this one oil painting that I have been working on LOL. Sometimes they come together & sometimes they don't :) And I'm almost afraid this particular oil painting might become a don't LOL.

But enough sad talk. I do hope that you all like today's painting! Thank you for stopping by to take a look at it! And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, to all of you for your wonderful comments!

Please check out my painting on eBay if you haven't already done so. Today's the last day for it! And it is selling! And some lucky person is going to end up owning it!

Thanks Again!

Best Wishes!


Impression Bush With Red Flowers
Click On Image To Enlarge
Water Color
Done on Arches 140Lb. Cold Pressed Paper


  1. Pretty! i know what you mean about keeping up with posts and still getting paintings done - I really need to get myself into sewing mode again since blogging has been taking over a bit lately. thanks for visiting my blog!! : )

  2. Gorgeous work..yes very atmospheric! lovely

  3. That looks like a bottle brush me very "Texas-y." :)

  4. you bio says you draw too, I would love to see some of your drawings.

  5. Hi Terra! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I never go a day without doing at least a study sketch or 4 or 5 LOL. Now I don't usually post very many of my drawings here, but if you look back through some of my archive posts, you may find one or 2, maybe 3 I don't know LOL :)

    Anyway thanks again, I hope you'll come back by!

    Best wishes!


    p.s. Thank all of you for your comments! :)