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Friday, May 14, 2010

Water Color - Impression Iris Field

Congratulations to the winning bidder on my eBay painting yesterday! I have been painting quite a few Iris picture lately, there's a house across the street from me that has just a ton of these beautiful blue Iris's growing right on the corner that I go by all the time just to see, sketch & paint the flowers!

I have one oil painting finished that I'm still waiting for it to dry & one that's almost finished! I have decided that if the painting will fit on my scanner I will scan it instead of trying to photograph it! But the picture needs to dry before I can scan it LOL. It seems like I can take pretty decent photos of everything but my paintings LOL :) Which is why I decided to scan all of my paintings!

Anyway I hope you all like today's picture. And a very warm welcome to all of my new followers :)
And thanks for all of your wonderful comments!

I hope you all have a Fantastic Day!

Best Wishes!


Water Color - Impression Iris Field
Click On Image To Enlarge

Water Color & Graphite
Done on Arches 140Lb. Cold Pressed Paper


  1. I love irises, too. And lilies. You did a great job on this painting, Dana. Geez, I can so understand what you said about being able to take a good pic but not your paintings. Trouble is most don't fit my scanner. I just started taking them to a photo lab to get scanned. I am often impatient when it comes to letting something dry. lol

    I enjoy your work, and spirit. Good ju-ju.... [insert big smile here]

  2. I love the mix of cool and warm colors in this picture.

  3. I love the way in which you say so much with such effortless ease...

  4. beautiful Impression painting, you are so talent