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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boarded Up II - Watercolor With Black Gouache

Here is the second painting of this 3 part series! I hope you all like it! Again I used the the opposite end of one of my paint brushes to apply the gouache with! I think it's kind of a fun little technique! I am very near sighted at times & couldn't quite make out the address on this building, so I painted in my own LOL.

Anyway, Thanks a bunch for stopping by today! Please don't forget to check out my auction listing on eBay if you haven't already done so. I am going to be making this painting available for prints as well!

I hope that you all have a Fantastic day!

Best wishes!

Boarded Up II
Click On Image To Enlarge

Watercolor & Black Gouache
Done On Arches 140Lb. Cold Pressed Paper
8"x6 1/4"


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  3. Amazing! Can't wait to see the third.

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