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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bus Rider I - Oil

I frequently take the  city bus back and forth across town, it's cheap plus it gives me the challenge & opportunity to sketch the people riding! Anyway I have a stock pile of gestural sketches that I have decided to make paintings from! Of course the people had no idea that I was even sketching them at the time! So made for a very interesting project! For that they did not to hold still for very long!

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Bus Rider I
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Oil & Charcoal o Canvas Panel
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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love that you sketched this quickly, without letting the subject know. You are a very talented artist, indeed!

  2. very nice! was the person sleeping? that is the image i can pick out from deep underneath!

  3. Thanks all of you!

    And yeah she was trying to! lol.

  4. Hi Dana, congratulations on getting into school to get the Fine Arts degree.Your work is lovely and I love this piece in particular. Visit my blog again, I have a new blog and the other one crashed. Thanks, stop by.

  5. Lovely capture. Beautiful portrait. Peaceful.

  6. I love this piece! Congratulations to you, too, Dana. I really love visiting you to see the work you are doing!

  7. Wow , you hit this one out of the Ball park , dam its just so wispy and sensual at the same time!!

  8. ooooh I love this ... really beautiful. Nice work!